Sunspots & Rain 

I felt compelled to share this with you guys. Our journey has been and will continue to be incredible. It's not always mountaintops and sunshine but we always come out on top. This is just a reflection from some things I have been dealing with. In honor of our song Living the Dream, I have titled it "Sunspots & Rain". 

We have wild hearts that hurt too much, feel too deep. 
The music flows out of us like the blood flowing through our arteries.  
I know these songs have kept us alive. 
They have held us late at night. 
I know they cried for us when we had no tears  
Because our spirits had been beaten numb by this world's evil ones.  
​I know people look at us and wonder why  our songs are so damn sad. 
I tell them that I have to sing out all of the sad to be this happy  
What they don't know is that for the first time in my life I am writing happier songs. 
I don't tell them that I have my doubts, 
That I see depression's shadow peeking around too many corners, 
That some days our music is all i eat, 
That some days it is the reason I come out of hiding 
That too many days is it the reason my heart still beats 
Like a mother who is with child 
It beats for more than just me now 
Its for everyone in this world who will listen to our music  
And grab hold of it like lifelines and kite strings 
We were meant to do this heartwork of bringing the dead back to life 
We are giving people food for their souls, 
Because on this hard-ass journey we call life the road is not easy and so many are tired.  
We see you and we are you. 

The journey is not always applause and songs on the Radio and awards in our hands.  
Sometimes it's facing our demons so that we can keep choosing to stand 
in this gap 
And be a lighthouse for all those ready to come back home.  
We Are The Folx.  

1/2 of the Folx 

Vibe Sessions: Journey  

I am sitting here 
Doing nothing I am supposed to
And my heart is the fullest its ever been.
I was weary this week, until today
I needed my music.
"If i can just get to practice" i said
"Then I can get some peace."
And there I was,
And there I sat and poured out everything my heart had been feeling
Everything I couldn't tell myself
Everything I knew was true but couldn't say
I sang it.
And for some crazy reason
Called serendipity
Or perhaps just God,
His heart could hear mine
Or maybe it was his ears.
Maybe it's all inseparable.
"Things are gonna get better,
Once you think like that,
Life'll change forever."

Maybe he sang it to me,
Maybe he was singing it to himself.
I don't know,
But i heard what I needed in it
My heart sang it to myself
Sang it over myself,
Wrapped myself in it.
I sang it until I believed it and 
Then we sang it for the strangers,
The friends, 
The family, 
Who would need it too. 

We moved forward,
Singing about the city
And hardships
And poverty
And numbing the pain
And we felt it.
We had lived some
And seen some,
And "broken people" just poured from my lips 
Like air trying to escape,
It was inevitable.
My heart was crying
It was sobbing
And i believe that you gotta get that shit out
You can't hold that in. It will kill you.
It spilled over my lips and he heard it
It called to his spirit
So we sang it
And I fought him
"You don't know what i have been through,
You don't get it"
That's what I said, as i sang out my hook.
I caught my breath and he started to sing
I rolled my eyes and waited for him to finish 
"What is he even saying?"
I sang again
And this time, i let it all go
Like a balloon with a hole.
I released the breath and the anger I was holding,
And I listened to him sing.
"I cannot be broken
I cannot be fixed
These dreams that I have
I cannot forget"

And i heard it.
And again for some perfect, crazy- amazing reason
I heard what i needed in it.
And in that moment i was humbled and so so so

And we thought our vibe session journey was ending 
And somehow we ended up on the piano.
And then:
Pure, unbridled beauty happened.
I am convinced now that sex is not the most beautiful union two souls can have
After the miracle we created on those ivory keys.
Is this real or is it a dream?
This is the life i, and we, are creating.
What a journey!
And we have only just started.
I have never been more grateful
The pain, and the struggle that brought me here.
Here is the miracle of humanity.
Of human beings
Death and birth.
Over and over and over
We are The Folx,
And this is 

1/2 of the folx 


Music, Teamwork & YOU #whatkeepsusgoing  

In December of last year I created the possibility of having a career in music. Two months later I met my #partnerinrhyme. In the month of April we had our first photoshoot and liveshow, and created our logo and website! This month we are aiming higher! I'm the midst of this, three things are helping us keep our momentum going: 

1) Our Music: The first day we sat down to hear each other's music we started collaborating. Our writing and music styles just fit! Just yesterday we sat down to practice and #vibeout and a beautiful song emerged.

2) Our Teamwork: The best thing about being a duo is that there are two of us! When one of us is resting, working on other things, or slacking (lol) the other is pushing the team and vice versa. "Teamwork makes the dream work!"

3) And YOU: The support of our families, friends, co-workers, other artists and the DMV community has been incredible! It means so much for you all to "like us," "follow us," "share us," retweet, re-post, "snap us," tell us that you love the music and the website and the pictures, literally show up for us at shows, and just let us know that you support us. 


Thank you for being our community!

With the music in our souls, our teamwork, and YOU standing with us, we won't lose. 

This. Is. The. Journey
1/2 of The Folx 

Do Your Time 

"Do your time, don't let the time do you."

That's what a young brotha said to me on the train this morning after asking me if I was headed to work. The statement struck me as deeply profound. So many of us, myself included, have spent a lot of time putting in work for careers and jobs that are not reflective of our true passions. Its a deadly cycle of working to fund our dreams while burning out our invaluable soul energy stores. Too many of us are deeply unsatisfied with the life we have. 

Something I realized through taking a course called The Landmark Forum, is that:
                 1) we can create the life that we want and 
                 2) we can be happy no matter our circumstances.

So I started living life that way and now my life is headed in the direction I am choosing and I am the happiest I have ever been. 

All I know is that in less than 3 months, I had a conversation with a stranger, started making music with him, recorded in the studio, we created a music group, had a professional photoshoot, and just had our first live show in Washington DC this past week! I don't have more $$ than I did before, and I still have the same job. But for the first time ever, I'm happy everyday and I am living the dream I want instead of the one I thought I should have.

LIVE YOUR DREAMS FOLX!! Stop with the constant stream of "what if's" and "when I get more $$ I will..." Right now is all you have and the $$ and people you have is all you got! "What will you do with it?", is the most important question. 

If you want it, then create it. ITS YOUR WORLD! 

"This is where dreams, go to die 
But I won't bury mine.
This is where dreams, go to die
But i'll keep, singing life." 

(Lyrics from "America the Beautiful" by The Folx)

- <3 LEIGH
from The Folx